What it looks like to be a new mom.

I love this shot because it instantly makes me feel. It reminds me what it feels like to be a new mom. I’m so grateful for shots like these.

  • sue griffin
    I could tell this head anywhere. mmmmm

Just one of those days.

p.s. this is also my sneaky way of posting a sneak peek.

100 Days.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of photographing a Korean birthday tradition, called the 100th day Celebration. The Paegil celebrates the childs health during the first 100 days of life. Kate’s 100th day celebration was, as I observed, beautiful. A warm and loving group of friends and family, gathered to shower precious baby Kate and her parents and brother with kindness and love. I was truly touched by this event.

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  • Christy Martin
    SO beautiful!
  • Jessica cho
    I love the picture Misty! Thank you so much. Can't wait to see the others! Thank you thank you for …
  • Claire griffin
    Whoa! What a beautiful party! I can't believe those flowers. I love the warmth in the lighting you captured. Almost …

Welcome to the world.

Meet Baby Wes. What a precious little bundle, he is.

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A peek at some weekend “work”.


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